Last Update: 3 February 2024


Lawrence Brown

Lawrence Brown

Lawrence Brown

I was the first Chairman of the Hub Management Group until three years ago and I remain a member of it. The Hub is situated at the heart of the village, and it plays an increasingly active part in the life of the community.

Lawrence Brown

Lawrence Brown with other villagers raised the funds to buy a former Methodist chapel with the dream of running it as a thriving community hub. He steered the power of the people to achieve the goal of owning The Hub and was the first Chairman of the Hub Management Club in 2013. The Friends of Horspath will be eternally grateful for his part in making the potential, possible.

Heather Palmer's Retirement Party

A party was held at the Hub on 29th October 2021 to thank Heather for her many years of designing and managing all the websites for the village.

June and Heather

Heather and her sister, June.

Heather and cake

Heather looking at the photo album presented to her by Sally Humphrey and is about to cut her favourite chocolate cake baked by Judy Kent.