Last Update: 6 March 2022

This is the Online Booking page for the Horspath Community Hub.

Horspath Hub Management Committee

Chairman: Sheila Frankum
Telephone: 07591 933964
Registered Charity number: 1152667

Horspath Hub - Booking Form

I confirm that I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions of Hire and agree to be bound by these. If I am hiring the Horspath Hub as a Horspath resident I realise that my address will be checked by the bookings clerk. The Friends of Horspath reserve the right to deny the use of the Horspath Hub if these Terms and Conditions have not been followed.

If you wish to pay by direct transfer from your bank account, the Horspath Hub bank details are below. Please quote your name as a reference.

Sortcode: 08 92 99 Account Number: 65681082